Downend-1a   VIEW FROM CLEMATIS HOUSE IN NORTH STREET PRE-1894<br/>One of the earliest photographs in our archive shows Christ Church before the present chancel was built, Christ Church School and a thatched hayrick standing in a two acre pasture ground<br/> Downend-1b   PHOTOGRAPH TAKEN IN NORTH STREET. JULY 2003<br/>The pasture seen in the old photo was leased for use as a cricket ground in 1894. Bought by Downend Cricket Club in 1920, it became the W.G.Grace Memorial Ground. The pennant stone boundary walls have survived the changes.<br/><br/> Downend-2a   JUNCTION OF BADMINTON ROAD & WESTERLEIGH ROAD Mid 1920'S<br/>The Scout War Memorial was erected in 1921. The shop with the awning, on the left is Eastman's butchers with the delivery boy's bicycle outside. Next door is the Fish and Chip Bar. The small Greyhound bus ran from Downend to Hanham<br/> Downend-2b   JUNCTION OF BADMINTON & WESTERLEIGH ROAD July 2003<br/>The cottages behind the War memorial have now been demolished and now the memorial is not so visible. Notice how much more there is in the way of cars and street 'furniture'. Compare the light summer clothing of the people in this photograph with that worn by the group in the old photo<br/><br/> Downend-3a   CLEEVE HILL - 1936<br/>Another Hamilton/Hoon photo taken soon after these houses had been erected. The cottage on the right, with its tall decorative chimney, had been built as a lodge at the stable entrance to the mansion house known as Cleve Hill. Note the solitary gas lamp<br/> Downend-3b   CLEEVE HILL - JULY 2003<br/>These houses lost their front railings and gates in World War Two. The telegraph post has gone and no. 72 now occupies the site of the old lodge. Street lighting has improved and trees and shrubs flourish despite the traffic<br/> Downend-4a   BADMINTON ROAD 1936<br/>Taken by A.J.Hamilton, photographer of Staple Hill and printed by John Hoon who had just moved into The Downend Press, the gabled building on the left. There is a fenced off gap between this and the next shop, Gane's Grocery. Note the 'Vitebe' advert over Robert's bakery, the telephone kiosk in front of Rose Barnfield's drapery, the telegraph poles and the signpost for the A432 & B4427<br/> Downend-4b   BADMINTON ROAD JULY 2003<br/>In the early 1960's, the Downend Press building was extended to fill the gap seen in the earlier picture. There are now more banks, estate agents, building societies and charity shops than food shops. The War memorial could do with a clean. However the ugly telegraph poles have gone and what is very pleasant there are now more trees around<br/> Downend-5a   BADMINTON ROAD JUNCTION WITH CLEEVE R0AD & CLEEVE HILL 1960's<br/>These ranks of shops were built in the 1930's, not all in the same year & not all to the same design. The Horse Shoe stands on a former village pound for stray animals. Note the petrol pumps, the clock and the "Shell" and "Capstan" adverts<br/> Downend-5b   BADMINTON ROAD JUNCTION WITH CLEEVE ROAD & CLEEVE HILL July 2003<br/>The garage which stood on the corner since the 1930's was closed last year. The clock and petrol pumps have gone. Traffic lights now control traffic. The Cenral Fish Supply, no 27a on the right of the picture is the only property with the original frontage and it has always sold fish. Again trees are now more in evidence<br/> Downend-6a   NOS 1&2 CLEEVE HILL FARM, OAKDALE COURT, 1960's<br/>These two properties were formerly the homestead to Cleeve Hill Farm. The nineteenth century gabled porch is the entrance to no.1. The North/South block of this L-shaped building is the<br/>oldest part, which was altered in the 17th century. By 1956 Mr Graham Holmes owned the house, which he sold to two of his employees in that year. They divided the house between them. Note the farm's barn on the extreme right<br/> Downend-6b   NOS 1&2 CLEEVE HILL FARM, OAKDALE COURT. July 2003<br/>No.1's pennant stone walls are now totally ivy-covered. Note the new windows and entrance to No.2. The barn has become a dwelling house.<br/><br/>
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